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Fb Comments In Hindi And Fadu Comments | Fadu Comments For Fb

Facebook Comments in Hindi Text - नमस्कार दोस्तों आपका हमारे इस नए पोस्ट में स्वागत है | इस पोस्ट में हमने fadu comments और fadu comments for fb के लाइन शेयर किये है | आपने अपने दोस्तों को भी इस तरह के fb pic comments in hindi के लाइन उनके फोटो के साथ शेयर करते हुए देखा होगा | आप भी हमारे पोस्ट में से इस तरह के comments in hindi को copy करके अपने स्टेटस पे शेयर कर सकते है | अगर आपको हमारा ये पोस्ट अच्छा लगे तो अपने दोतो के साथ जरुर शेयर करे |

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fb comments in hindi

Fb Comments in Hindi 2018:

Your charm is

You look 😘energetic.

You have 😍a great smile.

That's a🤗 fantastic pic.

Impressive💘 picture.

Handsome ❤️️as always.

Dashing 😍look!!

You look strong and ❤️️confident.

This picture😍 is lit!!

That’s a killer pic💘 Bro!!

Your smile makes me 😎Happy.

Great!! You should start💘 modelling.

That's a perfect Gentleman😘 pic.

This picture made😍 my day.

You are so😎 handsome!


You are the💘 strongest of all!

You are so 😎understanding…


You are my❤️️ perfect man!

You are so💘 kind!

You are the 😊best of the best!

You are my 💌stronghold!

You are so 😎fearless!

You are💘 incomparable!

Your charm 😍is irresistible!

My one 💌and only…


Comments in Hindi

Bright and 🤗intelligent!

You are so 💘seductive!

My dream 🤗came true!

You are like 😘coming home!

Your 😍smile…wow!

You are so 💘funny!

You make me laugh😘 like no other!

Your humor😊 is the best!

The most attractive😎 man in the world!..universe🤗! (he will love it ;))

How😎 loving you are! I’m so ❤️️lucky!

How😘 energetic is my man!




You are so🤗 creative!

You are my 😍cup of tea!

You are a 🤗real gentleman!

How I💘 love you!

You are😎😍 so impressive!

You 😘inspire me!

I’m so proud 😘of you!
Your eyes are as 😎deep as the ocean, I can watch forever…(well, this one is more for girls, but your man might still like it too :))

My strong, ❤️️confident and powerful!


Wow, you are 🤗the best at driving!

You cook like💘 no other!

With you I feel😘 like a real lady!

Awesome 😎Brother

Reacts💘 Too Much

Amazing 🤗Smile

Looking Damn 💌Handsome Brother

Billion Dollar Pic 😍Brother

Looks Like A Movie 🤗Star Brother

Amazing Biceps😘 Looks Like “34″

Looking Cool ❤️️Handsome

Hi 😊Handsome

Wow 😎Amazing

Handsome😘 Stud.

Thats awesome 🤗pic brdr.

No word ❤️️needed.

It makes me😍 Speechless.

Awesome 🤗dude.


Cool😘 dude

Smart 😎boy

Din ba din❤️️ nikhar rahe ho

Facebook Comments in Hindi Shayari

Cha gaye 😘handsom

Hawa ahe😎 tumchi bhau

Handsom😊 boy


Oye hoy 😘cool lag rahe jI

Ak no💘

Pretty good stuff❤️️ ahhaaa!!

Oyhooooy😘 Bhai ki hawa

Tenu suit😍 suit krda

Ek no lag😎 rahe ho bhai


Bhari distoy💘 bhawa

Yeah😍 mera bhai

Nice pic😎




Aakhrich😊 na

😘Rocking Dude

💘You nailed it!!

Bhai 🤗ke six pack

Akdm😊 Dude


Your charm is💘 irresistible!!

You look 🤗energetic.

Impressive 💌picture.

You're my 💘life

You😎 look strong and confident.

This picture😊 is lit!!

That’s a killer pic 🤗Bro!!

If I see you, that 😘makes my day

Your smile💘 makes me Happy.

That's a perfect 😘Gentleman pic.

This picture made💘 my day.

Romance😘 king

Looking nice💘

Fb Pic Comments in Hindi

Best pic ever🤗

Girls are made only 😘for you

That type of pose😍 i have never seen

Jakass 💘rona(king)

Ha moj ha 😎😍(say yes to enjoy)

King of f.b and girl's❤️️ heart also

Amazing, i have never seen💌 Photo like this

Oh! Very beautiful I'm fall in😊 love with this Image

This picture is better😘 than better

Perfect Click😍 without any doubt

I'm going to die😎 for this pic

This picture is 💌eloquent like words

admirable, adorable,😘 alluring, angelic, 
appealing, beauteous, 💘bewitching, captivating,
 charming, classy,😊 comely, cute, dazzling,

 delightful, divine, elegant,😘 enthralling, enticing, 
excellent, exquisite, fair, 😍fascinating, fetching,
 good-looking, gorgeous, 💘graceful,

grand, handsome, lovely, magnetic, 😍magnificent, marvelous, mesmeric, nice,❤️️ pleasing, pretty, radiant,

ravishing,  refined, resplendent, shapely, 💌slightly, splendid statuesque,  stunning, sublime, superb,😍 symmetrical, taking,tantalizing, teasing,😘 tempting and wonderful.

Are you an interior 💘decorator? When I saw you the room💘 became beautiful.

Are you as beautiful 😊on the inside as you are on 😎the outside?

Aren't you the 💘tiger on the Frosted Flakes box? Because you look 😊"Grrrreat!"

Facebook Comments in Hindi Text

Damn girl I'd love💘 to kiss those beautiful, luscious lips. ❤️️And the ones on your face.

Do you drink a lot 💘of Snapple? Because you look like you're made f😎rom the best stuff on Earth.

Do you eat lots of 💘Lucky Charms? Because you 😍look magically delicious.

Do💘 you like ice cream? Good because you look like💌 my favorite topping!

Do you want 😍to see a picture of a beautiful person?🤗 [hold up a mirror]

💘Does Levi's pay you for wearing those 😊and looking that good?

Guy 😎knocks over girl and says "oh my😘 god I did not just run into the most 🤗beautiful girl in the world."

Have you ever been to Hawaii? 💘Well it was the most beautiful thing 😘I’ve seen till I gazed into your eyes

Hey beautiful… 💘that is your name right?

Hey I just realized😍 this, but you look alot like my next 🤗girlfriend.

Hey, don't I💘 know you? Yeah, you're the girl/guy with the 😎beautiful smile.

Hey, how did❤️️ you do that? (What?) Look so💘 good?

Hi, I'm😊 Mr. Right. Someone said you were 🤗looking for me.

How💘 is your fever? [What fever?] Oh… you just 😘look hot to me.

How long did it 😍take you to walk around the sun to look 💘that hot and be that sexy.

I don't know if you're😘 beautiful or not, I haven't gotten past💘 your eyes

Best Comment on Pic

I have something 😘in my eye. [Look her in her eyes] 🤗It's still there it's… its beautiful.

I just wanted😎 to show this rose how incredibly beautiful 💘you are!

I looked up the😘 word "beautiful" in the thesaurus today, and🤗 your name was included.

I think I must be 💘dying because I'm looking😍 at Heaven.

I wanted to 💘die but u looked so fine I decided to❤️️ live.

I would say 💘god bless you but it looks like he 😎already did.

I'm like 😊chocolate pudding, I look like crap 🤗but im as sweet as can be.

I've had quite a bit to 💘drink, and you're beginning to look 😊pretty good.

If I had a nickel for💘 everytime I saw a girl as beautiful as you😊 I would now have 5 cents.

If looks could count😘 for a minute, you`d be a pretty 😎long day!

If looks could 💘kill you would be a weapon of mass 😊destruction.

Fadu Comments in Hindi

Let's make out 😘so I can see if you taste as good as 🤗you look.

Listen to this: my buddies over there said that I wouldn't be able to start a conversation with the most😘 beautiful boy/girl in the bar. Wanna buy some drinks with some of their money?

Looking at a 💘rose is like looking at your 🤗beautiful face.

Looking 💘mmm… mmm… good!

Man oh man, if I didn't 😎look a second time I wouldn't believe someone as❤️️ beautiful as you exsisted.

Show me a man😘 who doesn't think you look beautiful and I'll show you 💘a man who is legally blind.

Stay beautiful till the😊 next time I see you.

That dress looks great on 💘 a matter of fact, so would I.

There isn't a word in the😍 dictionary to describe how 💘beautiful you are.

Were you arrested 😊earlier? It's gotta be illegal 💘to look that good.

What does it 😎feel like to be the most beautiful girl❤️️ in this room?

When I look into your 😍eyes I see an ocean

When I'm eighty, I'll look back on💘 three big things in my lifes: getting married,❤️️ having kids and the first time I laid eyes on you.

Ya know, you look really 💘hot! You must be real reason for global 😘warming.

Yesterday, I tried to😎 paint you, but I couldn't… the❤️️ colors weren't beautiful enough.

You are a beautiful girl, 💘you have probably heard all 😍the great pick up

You are so beautiful 💘that I forgot my pick up line.

❤️️You are so beautiful that I would marry your 💌brother just to get into your family

You are so beautiful that 😍you give the sun a reason to😘 shine.

You look 💘beautiful today, just like every 😊other day.

You look💘 lika a tall glass of water, I wanna drink ❤️️you up.

You look like a big glass💘 of water and I sure am thirsty!

You look like 🤗a dream.

😍You look so good, I could put you 😊on a plate and sop you up with a biscuit!

You look so sweet your givin me 😊a toothache.

You might not be the best😘 looking girl here, but beauty is only a😍 light switch away.

fadu comments for fb

You must be going to🤗 hell, because it must be a sin to look that 💘good.

You want to❤️️know something beautiful. Looking 😍at the first word.

You're so beautiful, ❤️️you're burned into my retina. I see you every time💘 I blink.

You're so cute you 😘make Hello Kitty look like 💘Quasi-moto.

😍Your so hot the sun has to wear sunglasses ❤️️just to look at you.

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